11/11/2019, 09:30


We are looking for three highly motivated postdoctoral researchers with experience in:

  • Bioinformatics and biostatistics (position 1)
  • Agricultural biotechnology, molecular biology and genomics (positions 2 and 3) to join the Unit of Agricultural Production and Environment (AGRIENVIRONMENT) at the Spanish-Portuguese Agricultural Research Institute (CIALE), University of Salamanca, Spain.

Job Description

Successful candidates will have the possibility to consolidate their own independent research lines and also to promote collaborative research among the following research lines:

  • Regulation of abiotic stress responses by plant hormones (PI: Óscar Lorenzo)
  • Monitoring and assessment of hydrological variables for agricultural applications (PI: José Martínez)
  • Biocontrol and Trichoderma-plant interactions (PI: Enrique Monte)
  • Nutritional importance of phenolic compounds (PI: Celestino Santos)
  • Bacterial probiotics with plant growth promotion mechanisms (PI: Eustoquio Martínez)
  • Plant-fungal pathogen interaction (PI: Michael Thon)

Funding program

These grants are supported by Junta de Castilla y León (Escalera de Excelencia CLU-2018-04), co-funded by the P.O. FEDER of Castilla y León 2014-2020.

Candidate Requirements

Ph.D. in agri-environmental, molecular biology and genomic sciences. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate a promising track record of achievements appropriate to their research field and career stage, including significant publications in the leading international peer-reviewed journals of their respective field.

Interested candidates should send a CV and a personal statement with scientific interests and reasons for applying to Oscar Lorenzo (

Conditions: One-year contract that can be extended to up to three years. Salary: 2.500 €/month

Estimated starting date: January 15th, 2020

Application deadline: December 10th, 2019